Roland Flagg

An Ordic Gun Mage / Investigator


“And so the sea cucumber says, “With fronds like these, who needs anemones?”"

Basically looks like this, but with less squinting. And a hat that cool remains one of Roland’s Life Goals.
What’s not to trust?


Roland has come to Five Fingers accompanied by Charlene (his rifle), Windu (his mace), and Chelsea (his dagger).

His goals are to:

  • Meet his contact at the Mistress of Steam Parlour
  • Not get shot
  • See the fireworks
  • Chew bubblegum
  • Not get stabbed, maimed, burned, or “miscellaneous”
  • Find out more about his mysterious travelling companions
  • No really, definitely not down for getting shot etc.

Roland was trained as a Rifle Mage in the service and defense of Ord. He departed the military on good terms, and pursued a career as an investigator for hire throughout Ord and Cygnar. The combination of these skills has made him very valuable to his current employer, who he refuses to tell you more about until he likes you a little better. Try acting friendly, and check back next week.

Roland Flagg

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